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5 Ways to Be Happy at the Job You Have Until You Get the Job You Want

how to stay happy at the job you haveBy Jennifer Olvera

Put up and shut up: They’re not exactly words to live by. However, there’s something to finding happiness in imperfection – until the right thing comes along. Just like the rigors of everyday life can get you down, a non-dream job can, too. The thing to remember is that you have the power to change your state of mind. Try these five steps you to help stay positive while you’re working toward the next step on your career path.

1. Decide to be happy.
Ultimately, you decide how happy or unhappy you’re going to be. It really is that simple. You may not have the perfect role or for that matter, the perfect boss. Focusing on the things you do enjoy helps put your situation in a positive light; this, in turn, defines your experience.

2. Make it happen.
Being a “doer” at work is important. It’s what gets things done, and it’s also what can move you forward in your professional career. At the end of the day, you’re the one who benefits from taking charge in the workplace. Given that you’re in a collaborative environment, it’s wise to consider and seek the input of others. That said, at the end of the day, you need to blaze your own trails and reach your goals.

3. Take responsibility, and take action.
If you’re not in the job you want to be in or on the professional path you’d like to get started on, do what you need to do to get there. Get started on a certification or bachelor’s degree program, or take the next step and pursue a graduate degree. Knowing you’re on the path to get where you want to go can make it easier to be content with where you are now.

4. Have a code.
It’s always important to keep your goals, ethics and personal vision at the forefront of your mind because it guides you in decision-making, helps you navigate conflicts and ensures you create your own success.

5. Stay positive.
Even if everything’s not perfect – in life, it rarely is – don’t engage in negativity. Avoid conversations with classmates or coworkers that go that route, as it’ll only drag you down.

Jennifer Olvera is a Chicago-based freelance writer.

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