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AIU Study Group Heads to Alaska

Are Eskimos and frozen tundra the first things that come to mind for you when you think about Alaska? If so, you'd be surprised by what AIU students discover when they travel to on a Study Tour to Alaska with AIU Houston Professor Martha Culbreth to explore, learn and network with fellow students, alumni, family and friends.

The trip offers something for everyone. Depending on the itinerary for the day, the travelers might see glaciers, sea lions, whales, bald eagles, bears, porpoises and more, then learn about all of them and their habitats from an onboard naturalist. They might learn about the Alaska Gold Rush, the characters who made their mark in towns like Skagway and why the phrase "a ton of stuff" means something different than you think it does.

Students on the trip also may ride the train that was built to facilitate the journey to the Klondike. The train passes Dead Horse Gulch and a historical trestle bridge with the name Jack London -- author of "White Fang" and "The Call of the Wild" -- mentioned as one of many who sought their fortune. The group can learn about geology, how the glaciers were formed and in turn, formed the Alaskan terrain, or about how the capital city of Juneau came to have its name, and learn about Native American customs and history in Ketchikan.

While it can be cold near the glaciers, the average temperatures during the time of the Study Tour range from 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit. The travelers will pack to dress in layers and bring rain gear, as they will travel through rain forests and it is difficult to predict the weather.

The cruise ships are really wonderful, with pleasant common areas, plenty of activities and mountains of food. Students can hang out with classmates or network and meet new people.

There are also learning opportunities with Professor Culbreth: she offers Photography and Digital Imaging workshops just for the group from AIU. In these workshops, students can go out and put what they learn to work right away with scenic Alaska as a backdrop for the week.

Intrigued? There is still time to sign up. Contact Professor Culbreth and let her know you want to sign up for the study tour and head north to Alaska for a trip of a lifetime!

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