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How Your Job Search is Just like ‘The Voice’

Image: How Your Job Search is Just like ‘The Voice’

When you find a job you want to apply for, there’s a good chance you could be one of hundreds who read that exact job description and thought the same thing you did: “That’s the job I want. I can do that.” And so, similar to NBC’s singing competition show “The Voice,” the dog-eat-dog selection process begins…

Resume Submission: You line up amongst millions to even be considered. You’re miles away from the stage at this point, where many don’t pass this test. What will push you to the top of this heaping pile is your resume’s ability to show that you meet the requirements of the role. In other words, your resume needs to carry a tune in order to proceed. Make sure yours shows that you have the education and skill sets needed.

The Call for an Interview: You make it to the stage to present to the judges. Congratulations, your resume can sing! Your resume is now among the final contestants, and your loved ones are rooting for you behind the scenes. You’ve made it to the stage and are facing the backs of four chairs and sweating profusely because all spotlights are on you. It’s time to shine.

The Interview: You don’t lose your voice out of stage fright, and you start singing. Belting your heart out to plush leather chairs that aren’t turning around is quite a nerve-wracking interview. However, this is your opportunity to shine. Talent, education and experience will make you stand out. To better your chances for success, share your professional accomplishments. Don’t regurgitate your resume. They already know what it says—that’s what got you on stage. The examples and stories you share will determine if those chairs swivel to you or not. Illustrate how you can better a team by being a part of it.

INFOGRAPHIC: Crazy Interview Questions (and How to Answer Them)

The Job Offer: You meet the judges face-to-face. High-five! Handsome Blake Shelton liked what he heard and smacked his button to turn his chair. Carson Daly just gave you a pat on the back, and the other judges turn around to see what they missed out on. The moment is finally here. Blake offers you a position on his team. You squeal with delight, skip off stage, and embrace your loved ones. Interview: Conquered. Life: Awesome.

The Job: You’re not done yet. You have to prove yourself. Yes, you got the position, but now you need to do the job for which you were hired. Make sure to start off strong from the start. You may come across obstacles, but you can overcome them. Use the degree and skills you’ve learned to forge ahead, and you’ll be the winner at the end of each day.

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