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4 Questions to Ask if Your Job Search is Taking Longer Than Expected

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You've been on the job hunt for awhile, and it's taking longer than you expected. Why?

This is actually a common question, and there could be a number of answers! Rather than getting frustrated with your current situation and giving up, take time to consider and evaluate the possible reasons that might pertain to your situation. Start by asking yourself these four questions to ask yourself in relation to your job search:

  • Are you staying on top of your job search? This includes completing a resume/cover letter in a timely fashion, following up on positions you applied to, consistent communication with your Career Coach, and networking. You need to be active in this process!
  • Are you applying for positions that are correlated to your degree and experience level? While it is a great accomplishment to earn your degree, you need to have the work experience to back it up. If you are aiming for positions that might be above your experience level, consider taking a step back and creating goals/milestones to help get you to where you want to be. You may also consider volunteer positions to do on the side to help gain experience in the field.
  • Is there a demand for the jobs you are looking for in your area? If you live in a smaller area, it may take more time to find work. More specialized positions such as IT or graphic design may be harder to come by as well. Evaluate your situation and see if this might be a good time to relocate, drive a further commute, or consider working remotely if applicable to the position.
  • Are you expanding your job search past the Career Services department? While your Career Coach is a great resource to utilize in your job search, it is definitely recommended to branch out on your own. Take the resources, employer network, and job search strategies you have learned and expand your search! Keep an eye on your local papers, publications, job boards, and word of mouth opportunities as well. You might even consider utilizing a staffing agency for additional job openings.

Once you have identified the obstacles that might be holding you back in your search, take the time to think about what you can do to move past them. If you're an AIU student or alumnus looking for assistance in getting back on track in your job search, or if you have a specific situation you would like to discuss, reach out to Career Services at 877-221-5800 x15060 or to get in touch with a Career Coach.

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