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Choosing a Specialization for Your MBA

Choosing an MBA SpecializationPursuing a Master of Business Administration can be a wise choice for your career. The degree can add an additional layer of credibility to your resume to help you pursue opportunities for career advancement. At AIU, the choice to pursue an MBA is accompanied by the option of choosing from a variety of specializations which will afford you a distinct opportunity to concentrate on the specific areas that are most interesting to you, and could be relevant to your career goals. As you finalize your decision to pursue an advanced degree in business administration, think about which specialization could complement your goals.

Choosing the right specialization can set you apart from other people with a standard MBA because it could illustrate the concentrated and specialized training and knowledge you have in a specific area of business administration. Below are some possible specializations for you to consider.

Possible Specializations

When you start your online MBA degree program, look at the specialties offered by your school. Consider the courses that are required, your own interests and the possible opportunities you may have with each specialty.

  • Accounting: This route may be good for you if you if you have an interest in crunching numbers. This specialization places an emphasis on economics, risk management, analysis of financial statements, pricing and company budget evaluation.
  • Management: Management specialties are for individuals interested in learning about leadership roles. Human resources management may be a good option if you are interested in learning how to manage hiring processes and attracting the most qualified people to jobs at your company. If you take more interest in the healthcare industry but don’t intend on becoming a doctor or nurse, a specialization in healthcare management can help you learn business and healthcare knowledge. A specialization in operations management can help you develop skills in conflict resolution, labor relations and institutional organization.
  • Marketing: This specialization can puts you in the position to learn about telling the world why it needs a company’s products and services. You can learn about developing, distributing, advertising and selling products.
  • International Business: You can learn how to be a strategic and culturally-sensitive leader on the international arena. An online MBA program can be a good opportunity to interact with geographically diverse students so you could experience real-world challenges in the classroom.

An MBA could be a worthwhile credential that can augment the experience you already have in your career field. Taking steps to hone in on a specified area that is directly related to your career goals can make your decision to pursue an MBA more valuable. A specialization is a way to communicate to your employer and other potential employers that you’ve received formal education in specific subjects. The right specialization could not only make your MBA useful, but it might also bring more self-satisfaction into your educational pursuits since many of your classes could be centered on a topic in which you are generally interested.

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