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The Worst Reasons to Choose a College – Part II

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Stress and feeling overwhelmed can play critical roles in how we select colleges, often to our detriment. Students are faced with increasingly competitive admissions, high costs and pressure to validate all the hard work they’ve put in in high school or the workplace. In the worst case, this can add up to a recipe for poor decisions.

Use your resources, including friends, family and guidance counselors to suppress the stress and make smart decisions. If any of these reasons float through your mind, back up and think it through again:

  1. My girlfriend or boyfriend is going there, so I should too. Your college decision should be about you: your needs, your desires, your education. Needless to say that if the relationship doesn’t work out – what then?
  2. The campus is beautiful! Of course we’d like to attend college on a pristine campus as we’re accustomed to seeing in the movies. But a beautiful campus doesn’t have anything to do with academics, faculty or for that matter, advancing your educational ambitions. Hopefully you can find a school that’s beautiful and right for your goals.
  3. It’s a top-ranked party school. Oh boy! This could be the worst reason of all. Although socializing is important and should factor into the consideration, too much socializing (aka partying) can ruin any student’s chance for flourishing academically. Isn’t that what college is really about?

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