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AIU Houston Professor Runs Marathon for Scholarship Fund

Article Contributor: Christina Bowers, AIU IE and Communications Coordinator

AIU Houston Faculty - Leland TaylorAIU Houston faculty member Leland Taylor celebrated 60 years of age with his first (and last) marathon to benefit the Career Education Scholarship Fund (CESF). To achieve this goal, he met with Terry Frederiksen, CEC’s Director of CESF.

“I ran the marathon to try to accomplish two things: 1) Prove to myself I could do it, and 2) Raise some money for scholarships. The deal that I made with the scholarship fund was simple. If people will contribute money for me to run, the fund managers would ensure that AIU Houston students would benefit,” said Mr. Taylor.

After a year of training, 890.57 miles run, and both a 10K and a half marathon under his belt, Mr. Taylor completed The Woodlands Marathon on March 2nd. When reflecting back upon the end of the run, Mr. Taylor said, “Finally, and mercifully, the finish line loomed and I staggered across the last few steps at 6 hours 19 minutes.”

After now having completed a marathon at his “normal tortoise pace,” Mr. Taylor recommends, “If you feel that you want one last hurrah at 60, try sports cars or motorcycles, not running marathons.”

Mr. Taylor gives special thanks to Professors Danny Reinhart and Gary Shapley "who have been supportive and inspirational throughout the last year of training," and also a big thanks to everyone who "helped the Old Man Run."