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Spring Clean Your Technical Skills to Enhance Your Employability

Image: Spring Clean Your Technical Skills to Enhance Your Employability

If you have been searching for employment for any length of time, you may want to evaluate your technical skills as they relate to the type of employment you are seeking. Most employers want their candidates to be able to hit the ground running when it comes to filling an open position. If your technical skills are out-of-date, you may not be able to work as effectively as an employer would like. It may be time for some additional career development.

Evaluating Which Technical Skills You Need

Your first step should be finding out what technical skills you will need in the types of jobs you are interested in pursuing. Employers give applicants their expectations right in the job description, so if you notice a trend of companies asking for skills in specific types or brands of software, then you know where to start. The key here is not necessarily to become an expert overnight. There are a plenty of resources for you no matter what type of technology or piece of software you need more work on.

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Find Resources to Update Your Skills

One set of skills you may want to start tuning up right away is within Microsoft Office. Microsoft offers detailed tutorials of their entire Microsoft Office series on their website. Another free resource is YouTube where you can find many tutorials on different types of software available on the market.

If you are still unable to find the right information, you can also look at taking a course at your local library, an online webinar series, or an in-person seminar where you can get more in depth knowledge about a particular technology. Many times these are cost effective ways to get the information you need without spending too much time or expense.

Put Your New Technical Skills to Work

Once you have developed your new skills, remember to update your resume to showcase them. You want to make sure you get the credit you deserve for putting in all of this extra effort. If you’ve taken any courses at the college level, make sure to list this in the training or education section of your resume. Finally, include all of your software and technical skills in a separate section devoted to these items so that they can be clearly viewed by an employer.