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The SIMPLE Strategy for Career Success

image: simple strategy for career success

How can you rise to the top and achieve your career goals? Success can be SIMPLE if you have a strategy:

  • Seize opportunities to grow through stretch assignments that take you outside the typical scope of your role, as you cannot get ahead by standing in place and simply meeting the expectations of your current position. You have to demonstrate potential and a willingness to accept responsibility by volunteering to take on new projects. Going above and beyond to help the organization succeed can help advance your career in the process.
  • Improvement must be continuous for organizations to be agile, flexible, and adaptable in order to achieve or maintain a competitive advantage in the rapidly changing global market. So it is with you, too, to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage in the labor market that highly values knowledgeable workers. Learn something new every day. Learn from success and failure, as there are valuable lessons in both. Embrace lifelong learning, as it can help you achieve success in your career and has been proven to help maintain active brain functioning as we age. Learning is truly life changing!
  • Manage the gap between your current knowledge, skills and abilities and those required for your "dream job." Even though your organization may make development opportunities available, YOU are the only person responsible for making sure to take advantage of those opportunities to achieve personal and professional growth.
  • Plan to succeed by developing and annually updating a detailed five-year career plan that includes action steps, resources needed, and target completion dates. The business maxim, "Failing to plan is planning to fail," applies as much to careers as it does to companies. Keep in mind that education is a resource available to you to achieve your goals!
  • Leverage mentoring, informal or formal, to gain insight and greater awareness of what it really takes to get ahead from someone whose "been there, done that" and is willing to help you get there, too! Acknowledging that you need help can be humbling—it keeps you grounded in reality. Remember that gratitude is in order when accepting help from another; let those you turn to for advice know you truly appreciate their support.
  • Expectations must be realistic and rooted in a "right time, right place" mentality. Having realistic expectations demonstrates self-awareness and maturity—attributes valued by employers. Study career ladder progression for your "dream job" and familiarize yourself with the experiential learning and exposure required to reach the top.

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