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AIU London Business Department Hosts Guest Lecturer Ed Barton

Guest Article by Breanna Myer, AIU London Business Student

On April 26th, 2012, the AIU London School of Business received a visit from Ed Barton, the branch manager of Marylebone’s local Waitrose Grocery. 

A full house with about 40 students attended from different business courses, along with business professor David Taylor and other business faculty members. Mr. Barton explained his responsibilities and methods for managing 200 employees, which he referred to as business “partners." Since Waitrose Ltd. is owned by the John Lewis Partnership, all employees are considered partners. Mr. Barton also stated that he worked to achieve the purpose of the business, which is to ensure that “every single partner is happy.”

After the presentation there was an open question and answer session for the present students. Mr. Barton also presented some interesting facts about Waitrose, such as it is the only supermarket owned by the staff, who receive the profits as an annual bonus.

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