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Twelve Apps for Business Professionals

Business AppsUsing mobile apps can save a lot of time and energy, which is why professionals rely on them in the business world. If you’re enrolled in a business degree program, you could consider trying these twelve apps for business professionals.

  1. Evernote—organizes your notes, videos, photos. The app also records your voice with your phone’s microphone
  2. Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite—enables editing of Microsoft Office documents on the go
  3. Harvest—lets you track your hours, create reports, upload receipts, and more
  4. iTerminal—especially handy for entrepreneurs, this app can input and validate credit card information to let customers make payments
  5. Dimewise—allows you to track and view your spending by category. Helps you stay on your budget and tally expense reports while you travel
  6. Analytics App—tracks your business’ website traffic and other marketing statistics through Google Analytics
  7. mbPointer—turns your phone into a pointer and remote for PowerPoint presentation. The app also turns your touchscreen into a touchpad for the computer that is connected to the PowerPoint presentation.
  8. Userplane—a conferencing tool with multiple chat features to use when you’re out of the office
  9. EyeOS—creates an online “operating system” that allows you and a group of your coworkers to access and share data
  10. Meebo—coordinates your contacts from multiple chat platforms, such as AIM and Google Talk, so you don’t have to open several programs to speak to different people
  11. FlightTrackPro—gives you access to flight updates and gate numbers. You can even check the specifications of your aircraft on this app
  12. LinkedIn—improves your networking potential by allowing you to make connections immediately through LinkedIn, eliminating the paper trail caused by business cards and résumés

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