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Where Are Today’s Job Opportunities?

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When it comes to your future, where will the jobs be coming from? That question comes up often for both current students and graduates. Where the jobs are is especially critical today when there are still sectors of the job market that aren't growing as much as they should. And some sectors are growing faster than others.

Having a business degree can really have a big impact on your chances of getting a good job - whether it's a Bachelor's degree or Master of Business Administration (MBA). That's because today's businesses must be ready for the future and the competition. How? They need to have people working for them who have the skills, training and educational backgrounds that are needed by today's critical and growing businesses. And these educated professionals contribute all across the business spectrum, be it in project management, marketing, accounting, finance, business administration and more.

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One of the most dynamic and rapidly growing sectors is healthcare. According to Eric Hellige of

With the baby boomer generation getting older and with the affordable healthcare act coming forward, more people are needing healthcare and not just clinical support, but there needs to be operations support...

Another area of dynamic growth is Information Technology. This is especially popular now due to the increase in the number of tablets and smartphones and the continually expanding internet. Sales, of course, has always been needed by businesses and is a constantly growing area.

These days, no matter career path what you want to pursue, education is key. Pursuing a degree online can also give you a way of pursuing your education while you continue to work and build your future.

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