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What to Expect from Your Career Services Department

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The Career Services department at AIU is all about you. That's because your success is our mission – our only mission. When you contact Career Services, you’ll discover that you have a partner in your future.

Whether you're a student or a graduate, we can help you with job searching skills, how to arrange your résumé, do well in interviews and more. If you need help defining your career or educational goals, we can also help.

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One important Career Services feature is helping you prepare for interviews. Practice and practice. Then, practice again. In a way, it's like thoroughly preparing for a test or a presentation where you review what you need to say, then practice it over and over until it feels like second nature to you. On the day of the interview you should be ready to answer questions as well as discuss your career goals and the job at hand.

As for appearances, you need to look your best. What you wear to an interview can often be as important as what you say and how you present yourself. A good impression is the only impression that can take you forward in your career pursuits. At AIU, our Career Services department will work closely with you to help you look and do your best.

We also help students and graduates build a solid résumé and cover letters that feature their experience, background, and educational strengths. This helps build a solid personal brand that goes a long way in a job search. Your future is our future.

Learn more about the resources provided by the AIU Career Services department.