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4 Reasons AIU’s M.Ed. Program Can Work for Georgia Teachers


Teachers don’t lack graduate school options, but exploring all the different universities and programs can feel nearly as time-consuming as the classes themselves. When selecting a program there are many key components prospective students should consider. To help you begin, here are four things Georgia elementary teachers should know about AIU’s Master of Education (M.Ed.) with a specialization in elementary education.

1. AIU’s M.Ed. in elementary education meets the requirements set forth by the state of Georgia.

AIU’s Master of Education with a specialization in elementary education has been approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) as a certification upgrade. AIU had to meet objectively recognized standards of quality to be eligible for this designation from the state of Georgia. (Read more about the process GaPSC applies in making decisions about including programs here).

2. The program focuses on certified teachers.

To keep content comprehensive without being too broad, the program caters specifically to in-service teachers. This emphasis is designed to help you build upon what you already know while providing you the opportunity to explore coursework that’s relevant to your day-to-day life as a working classroom teacher. AIU’s curriculum includes capstone courses, which focus on developing a real-world approach to learning for teachers. These courses are designed to help you synthesize your new skills and knowledge into real day-to-day applications by creating activities you can use in your own classroom. 

3. AIU’s M.Ed. program in elementary education is accredited.

In addition to the GaPSC approval for its elementary education specialization, AIU’s M.Ed. program is accredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC), which is a nonprofit organization seeking to improve academic degree programs for professional educators. Earning accreditation through TEAC is a multi-step process requiring evidence that the program uses a valid, ongoing quality control system to prove our students meet competency requirements.

4. Flexibility plus affordability can be a good fit for busy teachers.

Teachers juggle a range of responsibilities at home in addition to the demands of their career. Pursuing an AIU master’s degree online is an opportunity for students to have the flexibility to manage their studies while still navigating the other responsibilities of life. From our Virtual Classroom to our mobile app, AIU is here for you with a toolkit of personalized technology that is designed to deliver online education on your terms. And at $15,000 tuition, AIU’s affordably priced M.Ed. program in elementary education may fit your career goals and your budget.

The decision to pursue an M.Ed. and choose a program calls for a close examination of multiple factors. The information above is intended to provide some basic information about AIU’s M.Ed. program for certified elementary school teachers. Refer to our program overview and course catalog for more in-depth information about degree requirements and course specifics.

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