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5 Benefits of Business School Online Degree Programs

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Maybe you've been passed over for promotions because you don't have the right business degree. Or perhaps you want to stand out against your peers when it comes to a job search. Maybe you're looking to change careers entirely. Or it could be that you just want to pursue a degree but don't have the time for a traditional brick-and-mortar school experience. Whatever your reasons, you want to know whether an online university might be right for you. Here are five benefits to pursuing business school online degree programs.

1. Flexibility

Have you hesitated to go back to school because you have a family? A full-time job? These factors don't need to keep you from furthering your education in a business school online degree program. Instead of spending valuable time commuting to a classroom, you can spend that time studying. At an online university, you can take classes at a rate you are comfortable with and set your own hours instead of being tied to a traditional school schedule.

2. Study anytime and anywhere

This benefit goes hand-in-hand with flexibility. That half-hour lunch break? It's the perfect time to start listening to or reading a lecture. Want to spend the evening with your kids? You can complete projects after they are in bed. Online classes give you the option of studying whenever and wherever your busy schedule allows.

3. Learn from and network with faculty and students from across the world

Online classes don't limit you to a local college where your classmates are your neighbors. Instead, online schools allow you to take classes from professors all over the United States – and sometimes even beyond – who have real-world experiences and perspective. Online courses also include students from all parts of the United States and the world, giving you unique perspectives and insight into your field of study and a chance to network with a diverse group of peers. After all, the business world is no longer confined by borders. Why should you be?

4. Learn the way you learn best

No longer are you confined to a classroom setting where you are expected to learn the way an instructor teaches the material. Instead, some online business schools now have technology that personalizes learning to your needs, allowing you to learn the way you learn best, whether that is reading, watching, listening or interacting. Online instruction gives you the ability to skip over lessons you already know or go back and review coursework when needed.

5. Show employers your initiative

While online learning may once have been considered an atypical approach, today it's become much more common among higher-education students. In fact, more than 7.1 million higher education students — 33 percent of the total — were taking at least one online course during the fall 2012 term, according to the Babson Survey Research Group's 2013 Survey of Online Learning. You have to do your research, of course. You need to find a university that is accredited to confirm that you can receive a quality education that is up to national standards. Earning an online degree can show potential employers your initiative, enterprise and resourcefulness. Moreover, pursuing a degree online can show that you are comfortable with new technology, that you have the self-discipline and ambition to succeed, and that you are not afraid of hard work.

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