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Meet AIU Master of Information Technology Graduate David Gilligan

Image: David Gilligan

After attending the 2014 AIU Online commencement ceremony at Navy Pier with his family and friends, three-time AIU alumnus David Gilligan shared this story of thanks, inspiration and advice for fellow AIU students and alumni.

Hello, I would like to share my story of success with the help and professionalism of American Intercontinental University. I'm currently 35, and I started my journey with American Intercontinental University back in 2004 by obtaining my associate degree in business administration. I then moved on to the Bachelor of Business Administration in 2006 and finally, finished with my Master of Information Technology with a specialization in project management in 2013. I graduated with a 3.88 GPA and as a member of the Delta Delta Chapter of Epsilon Pi Tau IT honor society.

Because of American Intercontinental University, I'm now working as an IT Project Manager earning more than I was in my previous role. All three of these degrees kept me on the competitive edge in technology, in business and even in leadership. All three of these programs were not easy and were very challenging but carried many rewards after completing each one.

While in these programs, you must stay motivated at all times and read and research everything. It's all about what you put into your education as to what you will get out of it. I firmly believe American Intercontinental University helped me achieve all my dreams and milestones. I have gained a lot of real-world working skills from AIU, from project management to Java programming to working on real-life projects with people from all over the United States; it's because of this that I'm now seeing career success. Obviously, I had to put in the work and studies, but it's because of AIU's curriculum that I received the knowledge that is highly sought in today's working world. For this reason, I'm forever grateful to AIU.

Lastly don't ever, ever, give up. If you put in 100% as I did, you too will walk that stage and experience AIU's commencement like I had the luxury of experiencing. The 2014 Chicago Navy Pier commencement was truly amazing! It was so surreal and yes, I even cried. My family, friends and children got to experience this as well. I felt so proud of my achievements, and I'm so very glad I found American Intercontinental University to pursue my education with. It was also an honor to hear Tatyana Ali's commencement speech, and I even had the luxury of shaking her hand. In the end, never say never and never give up, and you will be able to overcome anything the world throws at you. Thank you for everything, American Intercontinental University!

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