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AIU London Celebrates Re>>Fresher's Week

Guest Article by Theresa Ozgun, AIU London Student Assistant

It seems like only yesterday that a new AIU term began - the doors opened to welcome back current and new students from different parts of the globe. AIU London's 2012 Re>>Fresher's Week was a new and definitely booming addition helping students to break the ice and get to know each other.

Through pub quizzes, scones and burgers throughout the week, a cultural feel of American and British lifestyle was certainly a great touch. However, the highlight of the week was the ultimate Re>>Fresher's Party” – former AIU students DJ’ing in an exclusive nightclub in Mayfair. Apart from the pricy cocktails, the place was absolutely astonishing – not a normal hangout, but AIU London likes to do everything in style.

All in all, RE>>Fresher’s week proved a success, at least in my case. I got to know a lot of new people and course mates, which is very important if you ask me. It is over now and we’ve all been thrown into university life. Hopefully you’ve all settled in and enjoyed it. Now the fun is “over” and it’s time to put the heels away, for at least a few days of the week and get the notepads and pens at the ready.

To all the newbies don’t be afraid, leave the homesickness behind and get involved with the new chapter in your life and a fresh start. For the rest of us, wake up from your holiday mode – time to refresh and to pick up what we put on hold.

Cheers to a RE>>FRESHING start.

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