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A Checklist for Choosing the Right Business Degree

Operations Management

Are you wondering which type of business degree program is right for you? Answer the questions on our checklist to help make the decision a bit easier:

  1. What type of education do you have? If you’ve already earned a Bachelor’s degree, even if it isn’t in business, you can usually enter a Master’s-level business program. Associate and Bachelor’s degrees are best for people without a previous degree.
  2. At what level of business do you want to work? You can study to get a core foundation of business knowledge, or you can aim to become a business expert. Decide between an Associate, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree depending on your goals and currently level of education.
  3. What about business most interests you? Some degrees offer specializations within their business departments. Do you enjoy accounting, healthcare, human resources, operations, project management, finance, or entrepreneurship? Look for a program that offers the specialization you desire.
  4. Is the program ACBSP accredited? The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) helps ensure that business educational institutions meet rigorous standards of excellence. To get a quality business education, ACBSP accredited schools certifies that the teaching and learning processes meet rigorous standards.
  5. What are you schedule requirements? If you hope to maintain your current lifestyle while attending business school, it’s best to choose a flexible program. Decide if you want to attend classes online, at night or traditionally to make your school experience most convenient.
  6. Are your school choices industry-current? There are an overwhelming number of business programs available to you, but you can weed out the programs that aren’t teaching industry skills. If you get an education, you want to obtain industry- current information on best practices and techniques. Research your program choices to find out which ones offer industry-relevant and quality teaching.

Ready to start your business school search now? Learn more about a flexible, ACBSP accredited Business Administration degree program.