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Exploring the Professional Environments of Fashion Designers

Exploring Professional Environments of Fashion Designers

If you’re interested in fashion design, you may have a wide variety of industry options, but this field is notoriously competitive. Read this overview of the industries within fashion design to understand the potential fields:

Manufacturing and Apparel Companies

Wholesaler and manufacturers can provide opportunities for design professionals. This industry involves creating designs for well-known brands, which are then sold to distributors. Specific fashion designers, often “in-house”, are usually unknown, but the brands are popular.

Performing Arts Companies

An often overlooked employment opportunity within the fashion industry, theater and dance companies hire designers to help create their stage costumes. Designers can be employed by a specific show, stage house, or director, which could allow the fashion designer to tour worldwide with a show or design for multiple shows in one theater.

Design Firms

Another option for fashion designers is self-employment, often through establishing a design firm. This usually involves designing high-end or unique fashion. Designs can be ordered custom-made from these fashion firms. Fashion designers usually only start their own firm after gaining significant experience and knowledge.

Overall Environment

Whether you decide to pursue a fashion profession in theater, manufacturing, or self-employment, your schedule should remain fairly typical to business hours. Some foreign travel may be involved to view fashion shows, learn about trends, and meet suppliers. Travel is most likely in urban areas, as the fashion world is located in the largest cities. Aside from the travel and some long hours before production deadlines or fashion shows, regular work schedules can be expected.

If fashion design sound appealing to you, consider pursuing a fashion design education. Check out AIU’s fashion design degree programs.

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