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Reasons Military Members Should Attend School

Are you considering going to school during or after military service? To help you decide, we’ve calculated the advantages of education for military students. Check out our list of educational benefits for military service members.

  1. Get training for a professional future outside of the military. If you decide to leave the military, you probably need career-focused training to help you prepare for a new path. Pursuing a degree program can help you develop the skills you need to explore the field that interests you.
  2. Apply your military skills to another profession. Finding ways to apply your military skills to other professions can be exciting. Learn how to use your well-honed skills in business, technology, or one of the many other industries out there.
  3. Benefit from military educational programs. According to the Association of American Colleges and Universities, over half of the educational institutions participating in a survey currently provide military members and veterans with specialized programs and services. Additionally, over 60 percent plan to add such programs to their long-term planning.* Pursuing this type of specialized education can benefit military members who strive for a smooth transition from the military to school.
  4. Get a personalized education. Education can often be thought of as generalized and unhelpful to adults. However, there are several institutions that provide personalized education to students of all ages and experience levels. Skill-focused and flexible learning can be more appealing to military students who have hectic schedules or unique professional goals.
  5. Explore new interests and skills. During or after your military service, you might want to focus on interests outside of your military occupation specialty (MOS) that you haven’t previously pursued. This can be a great time to get an education that helps you build new knowledge and skills. Take advantage of all the benefits above to pursue a subject that excites you.

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