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Student Guide to Fashion Week

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The key to following New York Fashion Week as a student, if you’re unable to attend in person, is to access online media outlets. Use our guide to three prominent Internet sources that can help you follow Fashion Week like a pro:

Step 1: Watch Live Coverage

In past years, companies have partnered with YouTube to provide live streaming of Fashion Week. View the best events of fashion week from your room by tuning into real-time coverage. Seeing events live can help you stay current and in touch with the rest of the fashion world.

Step 2: Find Fashion News Sites

For fashion event analysis and coverage of events you can’t watch online, search the Internet for fashion news sites. Check out and On the Runway for reliable fashion coverage.

Tumblr can be another online source for Fashion Week news. While not an official news site, Tumblr is a popular network for the fashion audience, amateur and professional, to share photos and ideas about Fashion Week.

Step 3: Follow and Tweet

Following the top fashion Twitter accounts might be the most popular and convenient way to interact with others during Fashion Week. You can start with @nyfw and @MBFashionWeek. Do some Twitter research of your own to find your favorite coverage. Stay updated on the popular hashtags, such as #nyfw and #mbfw, to find more Fashion Week news. You can even get yourself some Twitter attention by using those hashtags to tweet about events.

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