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Top 10 Reasons to Get a Bachelor’s in IT

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There are few areas of study available to college and university students that offer the variety that information technology (IT) does. Students considering IT can take courses in areas of study such as computer programming, software development, network communications, network installation and maintenance, and more. Given the importance of computer systems and networks to business in the 21st century, there is an increasing concentration on IT studies.

Those in need of a little more information before deciding upon a college degree should consider these ten reasons for pursuing a Bachelor’s in IT.

IT Degrees Attract Employers

Yahoo! Education reports that information technology and information systems degrees holders are in demand among employers in 2012. The recent National Association of Colleges and Employers survey showed that 59.3% of employers are looking to hire IT grads in 2012. IT-based degrees finished third among the most in-demand degrees among employers.

Flexible for Adult Students

It should come as no surprise that a tech-heavy degree such as IT degrees can be completed part-time online more easily than many other degrees. In a world that is increasingly integrated with technology, there is a need for individuals with IT degrees such as a Bachelor’s of Computer Science. According to Yahoo! Education, a computer science degree is one of the most flexible degrees for adult students to earn and enhance their job potential.

Versatile Degree

There are many factors that make an IT degree a great choice, but it might be the flexibility of the degree that makes it one of the strongest for students in the 21st century.. As Yahoo! Education points out, an IT degree offers great versatility with graduates finding employment in a variety of industries.

Value Added

Few, if any, people are able to get a truly free education. This means that individuals need a degree that will help them earn enough money in their lifetime to pay off their student debts. Yahoo! Education ranks IT degrees in the top five degrees that offer high starting wages for graduates as of 2012. Of course, every individual’s experience will vary. Software publishers currently experience the greatest median annual salary among IT grads.

Intelligent People Needed

Yahoo! Education recently ranked the career field of Computer Systems Analyst as one of the five best career fields for intelligent people. IT-grads are well-suited for this position because of the technical knowledge imparted to them during their studies. Being just a tech-geek isn’t enough though. IT-grads in this career field need to have street-smarts as well and people to interact with people as they translate computer-speak into laymen’s terms for others.

Low Unemployment

The prevalence of computers and mobile technology in modern life has helped put IT grads in demand in the marketplace. As a result, the unemployment levels for IT grads are extremely low. While the going can be tough for recent grads with no experience, the future is bright. IT grads with experience have an unemployment rate of 5.4%, well below the national average of around 8.1%. The continuing integration of computers and network systems into business, and the increasing expansion of the Smartphone and tablet market, are the driving factors behind the low unemployment. []

Feed Your Ambitions

IT-based careers like Computer Programmer have recently been listed as among the top five careers for ambitious people by Yahoo! Education. Computer Programmers must solve complex problems in a methodical, detail-oriented fashion and be able to prioritize their time while working under tight deadlines.

Roles for Introverts

Not everyone is comfortable interacting with customers, clients, and even co-workers all day every day at work. Just because someone is an introvert doesn’t mean there isn’t a career out there for them though. IT fields offer both extrovert and introvert-friendly careers. Computer Programmer was recently ranked by Yahoo! Education as one of the best introvert friendly careers in IT. Programmers often work alone on a typical workday writing codes to create programs or debugging, fixing, and texting other programs.

Roles for Extroverts

In the same piece, Yahoo! Education ranked Computer Support Specialist as the best IT-based career for extroverts. Unlike programmers who spend most of their day pouring over data and codes alone, support specialists will spend their day interacting with customers and/or co-workers in need of assistance solving all manner of computer-related issues.

Revive Your Career

Nobody likes it, but it can happen to anyone. Sometimes an individual finds that their career aspirations have fallen flat. Luckily for those with a mind for technology, an IT degree is a good option for those looking to rebound into a new career field. It is not just access to in-demand careers. A Bachelor’s in IT helps prepare an individual for a career in tech-savvy industries while also providing critical management and communications skills to graduates.

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