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The Best IT Security Jobs for 2015

Image: Best IT Security Jobs for 2015

In light of the economic trends of the last 10 years, job security is something that's no longer taken for granted, and smart students are looking ahead to see what the future holds before deciding on a career path.

Fortunately for those pursuing an information technology degree, the IT sector is booming, and with our increasing reliance on technology, those who specialize in keeping company and personal data information secure will be in high demand to ward off hackers and threatening viruses.

But what are the best IT security jobs for 2015 and beyond? We took a look into the predictions from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to find the top career paths.

Information Security Analysts

Hacking is becoming more and more of a threat each day, and to combat the loss of sensitive data and to ensure customer protection, companies are investing more in information security than ever before.

An information security analyst implements and carries out security measures to keep breaches at bay while constantly staying on their toes looking for potential threats and vulnerabilities before the hackers find them.

With a 37% growth rate projected through 20221 - much faster than average, per the BLS - information security analysts can pursue jobs in nearly every sector, but the most common jobs are found in finance, consulting firms and computer-based businesses.

Computer Systems Analysts

Computer systems analysts take a company's existing computer systems, information networks and operational procedures and design optimizations or totally new systems to implement that help workers do their jobs more efficiently. They're experts at marrying IT with business because they understand a company's bottom line goals and build solutions to get them there.

Degrees in computer science or information technology are common among those who work in this field, and with a greater-than-average 25% growth rate projected through 20222, the investment in the degree may be well worth it.

Software Developers

The creative minds behind every piece of software or online platform we use, software developers create the functions and programs that allow the rest of us to do very specific things on our devices without risking our sensitive personal information.

Considered really strong computer programmers, developers usually have at least a bachelor's degree and solid programming experience with specializations in a few programming languages.

The good news for those who set out on this career path is that even if they get tired of working for one particular firm, they can switch to creating a completely different kind of software pretty easily. And with a job demand growth rate at a much-faster-than-average 22%3, it doesn't look like their job security is going anywhere anytime soon.

Computer Network Architects

Network architects plan, design and build data communication networks to help organizations achieve their business goals. Networks built by these IT professional include intranets and local and wide area networks that range in size from two small offices to internationally connected systems. Information security is a key consideration in planning these networks, and architects also are involved in implementing security measures on existing networks.

With quickly advancing technology and the globalization of business, these jobs are also advancing at faster-than-average pace. Through 2022, the demand for network architects is expected to grow by 15%4.

IT Security Outlook Beyond 2015

The best IT security jobs for 2015 include those who specialize in cyber security, networking and systems analytics, and it's likely that the jobs in IT security will only continue to grow, especially with cloud computing becoming so popular.

Forbes predicted in 2012 that the cloud itself would generate 14 million new jobs globally by 20155, and with the predicted growth of cloud-based technology, IT security jobs related to such software and programs likely will have even more importance in the job market.

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