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Finding a Job in a New City: 6 Tips for Success

Image: finding a job in a new city

Whether you are relocating for family reasons or simply feel it is time for a fresh start in a new location, looking for a job in a city that's different from where you currently reside presents its own unique opportunities - and obstacles. Knowing this ahead of time and planning for it can help you be better prepared to position yourself for success. With that in mind, be sure to add these tips to your to-do list before getting started finding a job in a new city.

  • Research your destination. This includes everything from housing costs to average salary ranges to finding out what the major employers are in the area. If you have a specific field/role in mind, also look into the volume job openings in that area. You want to make an informed decision about your potential move, and researching the area will help you decide if it is truly the right place for you - and your career goals.
  • Networking is by far the best way to find a job, and it is even more important that you network when looking for a job in a different area. If you don't already know anyone in the city, you will have to be even more proactive with your networking. On professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, seek out and join groups that target both the geographic area and field in which you are looking to build connections. You might even try to connect with employees who work for the companies at which you are interested in pursuing opportunities.
  • Don't forget to network with your fellow classmates, too. Going to school online means that you are in class with students from all over the map. Take advantage of their knowledge and insight into these different areas.
  • Don't assume that companies are going to offer relocation assistance. If you are serious about your move, be ready to fund it.
  • Don't lie about your address on your resume. If an employer wants you to come in for an interview and you are unable to schedule an appointment right away, or if they see that your current position is in a different area from where you say you are living, you will have to explain to them that you are living somewhere else. Spare yourself from going through this awkward moment that will leave a bad impression on the employer.
  • Include both of your addresses if you can. If you know for sure where you are going to be living after your move, include that address as your "permanent address" on your resume, and where you are living currently as your "current address." This way, the employer will be able to see that your current address is only a temporary one.

This is just a short list of tips and suggestions to help you get started on finding a job in a new city. If you're a current AIU student or alumnus looking for more career advice, please contact the Career Services Department at 877-221-5800 Option 5 or at for more guidance on this and other career search topics.

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