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Business: The Most Popular Online Degree

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According to an article published by The Learning House, Inc. and Aslanian Market Research, one-third of online students study business, making it the most popular online concentration.

Career Advancement

Career-focused students are drawn to online programs because of the programs’ flexibility. Forty-six percent of online students already have a career and hope to advance from their current position. Getting a degree in business is a common way to gain experience for a corporate.

Career Change

The second most popular reason for attending an online degree program is to change careers. Students are either unsatisfied with their first degree’s opportunities, or they wish to attend school for first-time professional training. Business is a popular choice among these students because they hope to enter the corporate world with more qualifications than they had when they left their previous career.

Industry Education

Some students are satisfied with their first degree and career but wish to gain more industry knowledge. This is common among professionals who entered the business world with another degree. They now hope to learn more about the business industry in addition to their original specialization. Professionals with a business undergraduate degree, and even some from other backgrounds, can also pursue a Master’s degree in business.

If these advantages of online degree programs appeal to you, consider an online business degree program.