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Careers for Bachelor’s in Information Technology Graduates

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Information technology has become one of the most critical career fields in the 21st century economy. Nearly all businesses use computer systems and networks to one degree or another, which means there are a variety of industries that need IT specialists to build, maintain, protect, and repair these systems.

Graduates from Bachelor’s in Information Technology might not realize the variety of career fields available to them when they graduate. Due to the widespread use of computers, computer systems, and networks there are opportunities available in a variety of sectors in the economy. The following represent just a few of the career fields available to IT graduates.

Network and Computer Systems Administrators

A Bachelor’s degree in IT is a must for most employers looking to hire Network and Computer Systems Administrators. Administrators are responsible for not only installing, organizing, and supporting a company’s computer networks; they are also responsible for the day-to-day operation of these networks.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the majority of Network and Computer Systems Administrators are employed across three fields. These fields are computer systems design (14%), educational services (12%), and finance and insurance (10%).

Computer and Information Systems Manager

It will take a little more effort on the part of graduates to earn a position as a Computer and Information Systems Manager. A Bachelor’s degree is common for those in this field, but many employers also look to hire those with relevant work experience as well, meaning recent graduates may need to work their way into this position. Managers are responsible for the planning, coordinating, and overseeing of IT activities at an organization.

The U.S. BLS reports that there are two career fields that employ the vast majority of Computer and Information Systems Managers. Computer systems design (17%) and finance and insurance (14%) fields are responsible for hiring nearly twice as many individuals as any other career field.

Security Analysts, Web Developers, and Network Architects

These three positions have one key factor in common; they are all related to digital communication within an organization. A Bachelor’s in Information Technology is often helpful for those seeking employment in one of these positions, but employers also look for on-the-job experience and additional certifications when hiring new employees.

Duties vary for each of these positions, from ensuring the security of a network to physically building a network system, but again they have one thing in common. According the U.S. BLS the majority of these positions are available in one dominant field, computer systems design (18%).

Information Technology jobs won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. As companies and governments further integrate computer systems and networks into their operations, the need for individuals to oversee these programs will remain.

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