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Jobs for a Bachelor in Finance Graduate

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There are certain individuals that have a mind for numbers. Mathematics, accounting, and financial transactions are easy for these folks and they are comfortable working within these fields. It is likely then that many of these individuals put that expertise to work in college earning a Bachelor’s in Finance.

Now that graduation day has come along, what jobs could be available for these finance specialists? There are a variety of jobs in the business and financial sectors of the economy. Best of all, many of these are rewarding positions that require a Bachelor’s degree as the minimum to pursue an entry level position. Not every job in finance is perfect for every Bachelor’s in Finance graduate, so it is important to match up the roles and responsibilities covered below with individual talents and areas of expertise. According to career advice some examples of jobs available with Bachelors in Finance degree include:


Individuals with a knack for forecasting future financial trends and costs might consider working as an Actuary. This position exists within the structure of insurance companies. An Actuary is responsible for determining how much an insurance policy should cost and who does, and does not, meet the requirements for coverage. Duties for an Actuary include the collection and analysis of data to determine the potential risk of certain life events occurring.

Budget Analyst

Every individual and entity has a budget they must live within, which means there is a need for individuals who can analyze that budget and ensure that entities remain within the confines of their budget. Positions as a Budget Analyst are often available in the private and public sector of the economy. Analysts are responsible for developing budgets for new projects, maintaining budgets for existing projects, and advising businesses on how to reduce costs and/or increase revenue.

Financial Planner/Advisor

Some financial experts work for consulting agencies or corporations, but there is also a market for those who can deal with individual and family finances. Financial Planners and Advisors help individuals and families make wise investing decisions aimed at providing profitable returns. In order to be successful in this field, individuals need to be knowledgeable in investment strategies, tax laws, insurance, and real estate.

Loan Officer

At some point in time everyone needs a loan. People need student loans for college, auto loans for a new car, and mortgages to buy a house. Loan Officers perform dual roles at banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. Their role requires a little bit of salesmanship and an ability to analyze the financial risk involved in lending money to others.

While companies complain that finance talent is hard to find, they are often very selective about who they hire, so it’s difficult to land a job in the field. For example, according to the position of Financial Analyst is very in demand in so far in 2012. Those with an eye for cost-monitoring and strategic vision for the future may want to pursue employment as a Financial Analyst. Everyone’s experience differs so it is important for individuals to find the financial career matching their skill set and education.