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Remembering 9/11

Are you looking for ways to memorialize September 11? Since the first anniversary of 9/11, citizens across the United States have contributed volunteer efforts to remember victims, thank heroes, and work towards peace. Consider the following ways students can participate in 9/11 Day:


Giving your time and energy is one of the most caring things you can do to contribute to 9/11 Day. You can help at a homeless shelter, pick up trash, clean a park, do chores for a neighbor, or run errands for an elderly person. Your efforts will be appreciated, no matter how you choose to serve your community.


There are people in need who could use your unused or unwanted things. You can give away a meal, toys, clothes, books or furniture to someone who will value them. You can use 9/11 as a day to donate blood and perhaps help save a life, or to send care packages to military members and volunteer organizations.

Say, “Thank You”

Military members, fire fighters, the police and other first responders citizens put their lives at risk to help their country every day. Many people who served in similar roles died on 9/11 or at another time in service, so it’s important that these citizens know we appreciate them for the risks they take to protect us. Consider saying “thank you,” in a small or big way, to someone on 9/11 Day.

Raise Awareness

Is there a cause you think everyone should know about? Then use 9/11 to spread the word to get more people involved with the worthy charity you support.

If you’re looking for more ways to get involved on 9/11 Day, check out organizations like The Mission Continues. Find this or similar services as you seek to commemorate September 11.