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What is a Master’s in Project Management?

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There are an intriguing number of degrees available for students looking to enhance their education and utilize their career potential with a graduate degree. The business career field has long been one of the most sought after fields by college students. Because the business field offers one of the most diverse set of careers, there are also a number of different degrees available for students looking to break into the field.

One of the most intriguing careers is that of Project Management. Earning a degree in project management can open the door to a number of different types of positions in various sectors of the industry such as information technology, construction and engineering management for those with experience. Everyone’s experience is different, but generally those wishing to advance their career in project management often pursue a Master’s in Project Management But what does this program entail?


No two schools will have the exact same set of prerequisites for those wishing to enter a Master’s in Project Management program, but there are certain prerequisites that are common across the board. Most students will be expected to have an undergraduate degree program completed before entering a Master’s program. While a Bachelor’s degree in project management is ideal, other business related degrees such as business administration, management, or finance may also be acceptable.

What to Expect

Completing a Master’s in Project Management can take as little as 10 months or as long as two years to complete; the exact time to completion often depends on the program or student. The exact coursework that is required can vary from program to program, but typical coursework centers around cost management, risk analysis, and business communications.

The overall goal of a project management program is to teach students about the life cycle of a project and how to ensure it is completed efficiently and effectively. Many programs also teach students how to develop a project team capable of completing a given project on time and under budget.

How to Complete a Program

Modern technology has allowed a vast number of degree programs to exit the classroom and be taught almost entirely online. The debate has raged for the better part of a decade as to whether online or on-campus degrees are better for students and the answer seems to a solid “it depends.” Online degree programs are ideal for students already employed in a career field and looking to improve their future prospects. The flexibility of an online program allows them to work and support a family while attending the virtual classroom when they are free to do so.

On-campus programs are ideal for students who have recently completed an undergraduate program and wish to move right into a graduate program. On-campus programs tend to offer a shorter time-to-completion as full time students can devote greater chunks of time to coursework.

A Master’s in Project Management can often assist individuals wishing to make themselves more desirable to employers. Although it is possible to pursue a job in the field of project management with just an undergraduate degree, the likelihood of landing positions with increased responsibilities is often enhanced with a Master’s degree in hand. []