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What to Consider before Pursuing a Bachelor’s in Marketing

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Certain people have are born to socialize with other human beings at a high level. Often referred to as extroverts, these individuals are extremely comfortable interacting frequently with friends and strangers alike. Those with this quality are well-suited for a number of future careers, one of which is a job in the field of marketing. It is the role of marketers to analyze the purchasing decisions and patterns of other human beings.

In order to pursue most entry-level jobs in the field of marketing, individuals need to earn a degree in marketing. A Bachelor’s in Marketing is an example of a degree that sets students on the road to a potential career in marketing. Before enrolling in a marketing program at the local college or university, it is important for everyone to consider a number of factors to ensure that the right program is chosen.

Does the Degree Program Meet Your Needs?

For those lucky enough to know what career they want after graduation, it is important to enroll in a Bachelor’s degree program that properly helps them prepare for that career. No two Bachelors’ in marketing programs will necessarily offer the same courses, making it important for students to assess the courses offered and match them up against the requirements of a potential career.

Take the positions of Marketing Manager and Market Research Analyst. Both positions can be pursued with a Bachelor’s in Marketing, but the focus of courses is different for the two jobs. In addition to experience in the field, Marketing Managers need courses in marketing, consumer behavior, and communications as well as business law, accounting, and finance. Market Research Analysts on the other hand need a program offering courses like mathematics, statistics, sociology, and psychology, as well as communications and marketing. []

Is Marketing Right for You?

All human beings fall into different levels of being introverted and extroverted. Introverts keep to themselves and are comfortable working alone, while extroverts are adept at socialization and love to mingle with others while working. Although marketing is a career field largely for those who are extroverted, there are also careers available for introverts who want to work in marketing.

When considering various Bachelor’s in Marketing programs, it is important for individuals to choose a program that helps them pursue an introvert or extrovert friendly career. According to Yahoo! Education, the position of Market Research Analyst is very introvert-friendly. Research Analysts work behind the scenes in marketing conducting research and analyzing data. On the other hand, Public Relations Specialists must be adept at dealing with others.

Do you have the Qualities to Succeed?

The best degree program in the world cannot help an individual succeed without the proper qualities. No amount of education will make up for a lack of qualities that enable individuals to succeed at certain tasks. Those considering a Bachelor’s in Marketing need to possess some of the following qualities to help them succeed in the field of marketing:

  • Analytical skills
  • Creativity
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Management skills
  • Detail-oriented

There are a variety of employment options in some niches for those who have successfully completed Bachelor’s in Marketing programs. No two individuals will experience the same success in marketing however, which makes it more important to keep the factors listed above in mind when considering a marketing degree.