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Who Hires People with a Bachelor’s in Marketing?

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Businesses cannot be successful without customers wanting or needing the product or service that is provided. It is the role of marketers and advertisers to help businesses and customers connect with each other. This is accomplished by individuals who develop advertising plans, establish marketing campaigns, and analyze research information to better understand customer purchasing decisions.

According to an article on the complete internet marketer, the marketing field has changed drastically during the first decade of the 21st century. Advanced technologies are changing the way businesses conduct operations and the manner in which consumers interact with companies and one another. Everyone’s experience is different, but generally a Bachelor’s in Marketing is the first step toward a fulfilling career. But who is hiring people with this degree?

Individuals can find employment in marketing related positions with businesses large and small, public and private. Within these sectors there are three main areas that marketing graduates can find work in. []


Working as a member of a marketing department or as a marketing manager puts individuals in a position to analyze the connection between businesses and consumers. Marketing departments follow the demand among consumers for products and services, and also track the competition in the marketplace. The primary goal of a marketing department is to identify the potential market for goods and services.

Examples of typical duties include developing pricing strategies to help businesses maximize profits and increase their market share, while keeping customers satisfied.


No message to consumers is worthwhile if it is not effectively communicated from the business to its target market. Advertisers bear the burden of developing interest among buyers of a particular product or service. Advertisers can work for an organization’s marketing department, work for clients on a project-by-project basis, or work at advertising firms.

Primary duties for advertisers include generating ideas for an advertising campaign, as well as coordinating with finance departments about the cost and budget for a given ad campaign.


The final cog in a marketing department is promotions. Promotions employees are responsible for combining advertising schemes and programs with incentives to drive sales upwards. Everyone has been exposed to promotions work. Examples of promotions include direct mailing, newspaper inserts, Internet advertising banners, in-store banners, and product endorsements. Incentives developed by promotions groups include sales discounts, rebates, coupons, contests, and samples.

There is no singular role marketers fill, but rather there are various roles available for graduates from Bachelor’s in marketing programs. Many companies have their own marketing department or employees, but there are also positions available in businesses that specialize in developing and directing marketing programs on behalf of other businesses.

Marketing degrees, like many businesses degrees, remain a strong choice for graduates. As long as companies have products and services to sell they will need individuals to develop ways of connecting that product with the consumers in need of it. Those with a Bachelor’s in Marketing should find a variety of interesting career options waiting for them upon graduation. A Master’s degree and additional experience may eventually be necessary for some positions, but a Bachelor’s degree can open the door to many exciting marketing careers.

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