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Who Hires People with a Master’s in Project Management?

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Deciding on a degree program is a difficult task for any college student. There are a number of factors to consider when deciding on a degree. What kind of job can I get? What is the job market like for this degree? What are the prospects for advancement? One of the biggest decisions students face is whether or not to enhance their education by earning an advanced degree such as a Master’s.

People employed in the field of project management are part of a very diverse career field that offers jobs in a multitude of sectors within the economy. Generally project management remains one of the few career fields where advanced degrees aren’t necessary for success; earning one can help an individual’s chances for promotion and advancement. This leads many to wonder, who hires people with a Master’s in Project Management?


The field of construction is often a popular choice for project management graduates. Projects big and small require talented and educated individuals who can plan, coordinate, and direct construction projects from start to finish. Typical duties include participating in the planning processes, hiring and overseeing employees, handling sub-contracting issues, and representing the business in front of clients throughout the course of the project. []

A Master’s in Project Management is not a must-have in the construction field, but graduates who possess one and have experience in the field may find the path to management and greater responsibility quicker with an advanced degree.

Information Technology

Computer technology and the economy have become inextricably linked to one another in the 21st century. Every business relies upon computers and information networks to get work done efficiently and effectively. However, these software programs and hardware systems don’t implement themselves. Project managers are needed to oversee the maintenance of current networks and help businesses implement new networks or upgrade old ones. . []

Architecture and Engineering

This might be one of the most variety packed sectors for project management graduates to get involved with. In addition to roles that see individuals plan and coordinate architecture and engineering projects, there is another interesting role for graduates. Both fields also need individuals to lead research and development projects that result in new equipment, machinery, and processes. []

Individuals considering a Master’s in Project Management should carefully consider their own traits and abilities before pursuing this degree. Whether an individual is already employed in an entry-level position in the field or is continuing from an undergraduate program, no amount of education will compensate for lacking traits that industries look for among professionals.

Employers in the project management field are looking for confident and extroverted individuals who are not afraid to lead by example and also appropriately delegate minor projects out to other members of the team. Most importantly, employers want individuals who are calm under pressure and able to adapt on the fly. Goals can change and problems can arise at any time during a project, so it is important to employers that project managers are able to adapt to changes and succeed. []

While everyone’s experience will vary, those who feel comfortable working in these sectors and bring the right set of traits to the table could find a rewarding career field awaiting them upon graduation from a Master’s in Project Management program.