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Q & A: The AIU Alumni Referral Scholarship Program

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AIU is excited to share the news of our recently created Alumni Referral Scholarship. Through this program, AIU will give $1,000 scholarships to new students referred by an AIU graduate. We interviewed Lindsey Rogers, AIU Alumni Relations Manager, to find out how AIU grads can have a scholarship created in their name.

Q: Why did you decide to begin the AIU Alumni Referral Scholarship?

A: As the Alumni Relations Manager, I talk to many alumni who have great things to say about AIU and their education. Our grads often refer friends, family and co-workers who end up attending AIU. That word-of-mouth recommendation is powerful, and we want to show our students and alumni our appreciation for their referrals with a scholarship program that recognizes both referring alumni and the new students they recommend.

Q: What is the Alumni Referral Scholarship?

A: Alumni who refer new students will have a $1,000 scholarship created in their name and awarded to any new students they refer. The scholarship recipient will receive a scholarship certificate once the scholarship is awarded. Alumni will also receive a certificate and letter announcing that a scholarship has been created in their name. Alumni who have scholarships awarded on their behalf through the program will be featured on the AIU website and will appear in AIU’s alumni magazine, AIU Ink.

Q: Who can receive the AIU Alumni Referral Scholarship?

A: The AIU Alumni Referral Scholarship is limited to new students. So if you have ever applied to AIU or enrolled and withdrew, even before attending classes, you would not be able to get the scholarship.

Q: Can new students apply for the scholarship themselves?

A: Yes, new students just need to let their Enrollment Specialist know that they were referred by an AIU student or graduate and let us know who referred them in order to apply.

Q: How much scholarship money will AIU be awarding?

A: The AIU Alumni Referral Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship given in two $500 installments.

Q: How will the scholarship money be awarded?

A: After a new student completes his or her first quarter in good academic standing, the student will receive a $500 account credit. Then, after the student completes the second quarter in good academic standing, he or she will get the remaining $500 applied to their AIU account.

Q: How often can alumni recommend a student for the scholarship?

A: Alumni can refer new students as often as they wish.

Q: Can all AIU alumni have scholarships given in their name?

A: Yes, as long as you are an AIU graduate. If your name is John Smith, the scholarship will be called the John Smith Alumni Referral Scholarship.

Q: Does an alumnus have to be a member or the AIU Alumni Association?

A: No, alumni don’t need any special affiliation to make a referral or have AIU give the scholarship.

Q: Will the alumnus know when a scholarship has been given?

A: Both the new student and alumni will receive a printed, ready-to-frame certificate when the first portion of the scholarship has been awarded. They will also be notified by email.

Q: How many scholarships will be awarded?

A: There is no limit to the number of scholarships.

Q: What other types of scholarships does AIU offer beside the Alumni Referral Scholarship?

A: All of the scholarships and grants that AIU offers are listed in the university catalog. You can also learn more about AIU scholarships on our financial aid page.

Q: When will the scholarship program begin and end?

A: The program began August 26, 2013 and is on-going, so alumni can refer multiple students over time.

Q: How can alumni and students get more information about the AIU Alumni Referral Scholarship?

A: To learn more about the Alumni Referral Scholarship, simply contact the AIU Alumni Association or visit the Alumni Referral Scholarship page on our website.

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