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Why Earn a Business Degree in Technology Management

Image:  Earn a Business Degree in Technology Management

If you are interested in managing technology environments, why not earn a business degree in technology management? Today's fast-paced, ever-changing business world requires professionals across a variety of roles to have a firm grasp of information technology. And let's face it: companies and organizations are relying more and more on computers, networks and streams of data for nearly every type of business function, from product development and production to marketing and logistics.

But what exactly is a technology management business degree, and what can you learn in this type of program?

Technology management curriculum: While the curriculum for these types of programs can vary from school to school, this area of study usually teaches business fundamentals in addition to offering students a chance to learn core information technology concepts. American InterContinental University (AIU) offers students opportunities to earn a business degree in technology management in either a bachelor- or master-level program. Courses can include business operations, marketing and accounting in addition to IT-related topics such as:

  • Introduction to Computer and Network Hardware
  • Introduction to Databases
  • Network Infrastructure Basics
  • Information Technology Security
  • Introduction to Cyber Crime and Digital Investigations
  • Technology Management

Earning your degree online: You're already interested in technology, so why not consider earning your business degree in technology management online? AIU offers an online BBA in Technology Management that lets you take your courses in a way that fits your needs and schedule. Earning your degree online can make it easier to pursue your degree and still keep your full-time job. You can also save time and money commuting to and from campus.

In addition to online convenience, you have the opportunity to practice working with other students remotely through the same online communication technology you'll likely use in your professional life. Hone your communication skills through group projects or study groups conducted through online messaging, virtual meeting rooms and live video conferencing.

Focus on soft skills: Besides providing a foundation in specific business and information technology skills and concepts, a business degree with a specialization in technology management teaches important, in-demand "soft skill" sets such as leadership, teambuilding and problem solving.

Versatility across industries and occupations: Information technology and business professionals aren't just needed in the IT and software industry. Nearly every industry and business today relies on IT services and business professionals with technical know-how. Some growing sectors include healthcare, finance, insurance and government.

Ready to learn more? Explore business degrees in technology management at AIU.