Stress Interview

The stress interview can indeed be stressful. It often consists of aggressive questions that seem designed to make you feel uncomfortable or look bad. For example, the interviewer might ask why there is a long gap between jobs on your resume or why you left a job after a short time. Although the method may seem harsh, the stress interview is not meant to make you look like a bad candidate for the job. The interviewer is really just trying to assess how you react under pressure or when up against a challenging question. Look at the stress interview as an opportunity to present yourself as calm, confident and professional under fire.


  • Identify any weaknesses or elements in your past professional or educational experience that may be brought up (for example, if you have ever been fired from a job).
  • Think of ways to portray those situations in a positive light by identifying any skills or lessons you gained as a result of the situation.
  • Be honest and open. The interviewer will be able to tell if you are avoiding their questions and that may reflect badly upon you as a potential candidate.
  • Be confident that your skills and experience make you the right person for the job.


  • Send a thank-you letter to the interviewer within a few days of the interview. Especially true with a stress interview in which the interviewer can often seem downright mean, a note thanking them for their time in interviewing you will demonstrate your confidence.