Professional Certificates

AIU offers more than 60 credit-bearing non degree undergraduate and graduate certificates in the areas of Business Administration, Information Technology, and Criminal Justice as well as graduate certificates in the area of Education.

Learn more about how AIU's Professional Certificates can help you advance your education and career today.

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    Business Certificate

    AIU offers various business certificate programs designed to build knowledge and skills to help working professionals in specific specializations.

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    Criminal Justice Certificates

    AIU offers a variety of Criminal Justice certificate programs, offering students introductory coursework and experience in various areas of public safety and legal work.

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    Education Certificates

    AIU's graduate certificate programs in Education offers experienced educators an opportunity to improve their marketability and gain new knowledge to meet the needs of a rapidly changing education industry.

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    IT Certificates

    AIU's IT certificate programs provide basic training and coursework to prepare students for careers as IT professionals or to focus on an area of specialization such as digital investigations, software analysis or network administration.