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IT Project Management

AIU offers an industry-current MSIT program with a specialization in IT Project Management for students interested in learning the skills needed to manage information systems and information technology projects in organizations. The important areas covered include project management, strategic information systems management, enterprise network infrastructure and information systems building blocks. Students will understand the broad range of projects that an IT professional can expect to undertake and gain experience in the best practices and industry expectations common to IT work in the real world.


Focus on Your Specific Area of Interest

By studying advanced topics in IT Project Management to complete the specialization requirements, you have an opportunity to acquire industry-current knowledge and skills specific to the area of managing information systems and information technology projects in organizations.

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    October 5th, 2015

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    11 MONTHS

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  • Successful completion of the MSIT with a specialization in IT Project Management provides an advanced level of industry-related knowledge and skills, including how to:


    • Use project management methodologies to plan and manage information technology projects.
    • Apply management principles to plan and manage information technology infrastructure and software portfolio.
    • Utilize quantitative and qualitative risk management techniques to identify and manage the project constraints that include cost, time, risks, and quality.
    • Conduct requirements and needs analysis for software, hardware, and infrastructure projects.
    • Employ formal techniques and methodologies to plan, procure, and manage project human and material resources for the project.
    • Understand and master the technical vocabulary, current industry best practices and general knowledge necessary for success as an IT project manager.
    • Analyze existing IT projects from real-world situations to gain experience in solving contemporary industry problems.
    • Develop solutions and procedures for the variety of challenges and tasks included in any current IT project.
    • Work as a team to collaborate on strategies, plans and solutions for IT projects.
    • Communicate their ideas using the proper professional conduct and verbiage.
    • Develop the mindset of an IT project manager, growing leadership and communication skills as well as technical know-how.

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    • In this specialized curriculum, you can acquire a solid foundation in key leadership competencies. You’ll have an opportunity to develop and review typical management deliverables that illustrate the ability of the Project Manager to control the success of projects, and you can learn to use computer applications as a tool for project management.

      This real-world specialization offers the opportunity for in-depth study, with half of your courses in your area of interest. It can help you develop a focused, industry-specific knowledge base common to IT professionals in the field of Project Management.

      For example:

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    • The IT Project Management specialization program strives to bring students' experiences, skills and knowledge grounded in the most current industry practices and needs. Throughout this course of study, students will undertake many of the tasks and challenges that face current IT professionals.

      Students can expect professors who are not only well-informed in the industry requirements and current best practices, but who also can bring their specialized skills and practical experience to students in a personalized 1-on-1 setting. On completing this program, students will have demonstrated their ability to not only work and think like an IT professional, but also plan and orchestrate the type of IT projects they can expect to find in careers in this industry.

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