At AIU, we know that as a busy professional it's hard work to be a full-time student and keep your full-time life. Intellipath™, our adaptive learning technology, creates a customized learning map built around our specialized curriculum that lets you read, watch, or listen to course content based on how you learn best.

Intellipath creates:

  • Efficient Learning

    - Our intellipath technology responds in real-time to your learning progress so that you can skip information you already know, ensuring that you can complete your coursework in a timeline that fits your schedule.
  • Personalized Attention

    - Intellipath features a revolutionary analytical engine that conducts ongoing assessments of your knowledge and skills to present you with course content, practice problems, and applications in the order that allows you to best learn and apply your work.
  • Adaptive Content

    - Intellipath assesses your progress and adjusts coursework based on what you know and helps you focus on topics where you need additional support with your professor there to support you when you need it.