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Forensic Science

AIU offers a professionally focused BSCJ program with a specialization in Forensic Science that can provide students with a unique blend of education in science, law enforcement practice and crime scene investigation for a study in the field of forensic science. With a heavy focus on such topics as theories of crime causation and victim crimes, this program prepares students with the knowledge and skills common to forensic science professionals.



By studying key topics in Forensic Science to complete the upper division’s core specialization requirements, AIU can give you an opportunity to focus your interests on the acquisition of industry-specific knowledge and skills.

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    November 9th, 2015

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    36 MONTHS

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  • Successful completion of the BSCJ with a specialization in Forensic Science can provide students with an applicable foundation of industry-related knowledge and skills, including how to:

    • Process a crime scene, including the collection, preservation and analysis of evidence, development and lifting of fingerprints, blood spatter interpretation and the writing of narrative and scene descriptions.
    • Define forensic science, postmortem interval, body changes, relevant medical history, traumatic injury, postmortem lab tests and features of death scene investigations.
    • Define the roles and responsibilities of a forensic psychologist and their relationship with law enforcement officials.
    • Use the techniques of criminal investigation involving criminal profiling, psychological autopsies, hypnosis, and lie detection.
    • Define and understand computer crimes and investigation, including use of incidence response tools, wireless network analysis and tool testing and analytical methodologies.
    • Apply forensic computer knowledge pertaining to data modeling, data definition language, data manipulation language, operating systems and networking knowledge to solve crimes.


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    American InterContinental University® is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. To contact the Higher Learning Commission please visit www.hlcommission.org.

  • In this specialized curriculum, students can learn about jurisdiction established by the law to define the cause and manner of death, conduct a death scene investigation and techniques in establishing identity and post mortem interval. They can also learn specific skills such as notification of next of kin, interviewing witnesses and interpreting crime scene photography.

    Courses are structured to assist students in the development of their goals as they can learn focused knowledge and skills in a field that combines scientific and criminal justice techniques. For example:

    • In Arson Investigation, students can explore various arson causation theories and principles of incendiary fire analysis and detection along with social, psychological and environmental factors associated with arson.
    • In Psychopathology and Criminality, students can study abnormal human behavior including disorders relating to eating, sleeping, attention deficit, mood, learning, impulse control, sexuality, criminality and interpersonal conflict.
    • In Forensic Biology, students can be exposed to the areas of cellular biology, forensic serology, genetics and human physiology, as well as their applications within forensic science.

    Click here to download the AIU catalog for more information and a full list of courses for this degree.

  • AIU's Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree program with a Specialization in Forensic Science is geared toward helping students learn specific skills such as notification of next of kin, interviewing witnesses and interpreting crime scene photography while also understanding jurisdiction established by the law to define the cause and manner of death.

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