The Program in Depth

AIU® offers a professionally focused BSCJ program with a specialization in Corrections and Case Management designed so it can offer a deeper understanding of case management services and the complex dynamics of addiction and offender treatment.

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a Specialization in Corrections and Case Management degree provides students with an in-depth opportunity to explore the history of criminal punishment. Students will take a comprehensive look into modern penal systems, prisoners' rights, personalized treatment plans and sentencing for prisoners with drug addictions, mental illness, sociopaths and psychopaths while acquiring the knowledge and skills common to corrections professionals.

Focus on Your Specific Area of Interest

By studying key topics in Criminal Justice to complete the upper division’s core specialization requirements, AIU can give you an opportunity to focus your interests on the acquisition of industry-specific knowledge and skills common to the criminal justice field.

You Can Learn How to:

  • Explain and trace the history and philosophy of adult and juvenile correctional systems and identify the different models of punishment associated with each system.
  • Explain the history of probation and parole and the roles of the probation and parole officers in the criminal and juvenile correctional systems
  • Define community corrections and the innovative approaches associated with this perspective, such as restorative justice, peacemaking, intermediate sentences, drug courts and substance abuse counseling
  • Apply various assessment, diagnostic techniques and case management strategies for working with adult and juvenile offenders
  • Explain the organizational structure, administrative practices and operating procedures of correctional agencies in the handling of personnel and their functions
  • Define the development of prisoners’ rights and identify and analyze landmark decisions that substantiate rights for prisoners.
  • Identify and analyze ethical issues related to decision-making process associated with moral dilemmas in corrections.

Some Courses You'll Take

At AIU, more of the courses you take will be in your field of interest, on average, than at other similar schools. For a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a specialization in Corrections and Case Management, your classes can include:

  • Penology

    This course focuses on the challenges administrators face in law enforcement, courts, and corrections. Students will examine the various organizationa...

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  • Advanced Topics in Corrections

    This course examines the theories and practices involved in probation and parole processes and decision-making. Topics include pre-sentence and pre-pa...

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  • Penology

    This course examines the history of criminal punishment beginning with early developments in Europe. Special attention is given to theories of punishm...

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