Bachelor's Degree Programs in Media Production (BFA)

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Media Production degree program provides students with a broad understanding of the different fields of media production, and the skills and technology necessary to become a professional in the motion pictures, television, music or video industries. Students in this media production program will review the different media formats and their elements, and develop a strong foundation in industry-current techniques and technologies. Students will also be given the opportunity to produce their own media in industry-based simulation activities and projects, allowing them to gain real-world industry experience and learn the best practices and standards of the media production industry.

Relevant Institutional/Programmatic Accreditation

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    Today’s business careers are becoming increasingly specialized, challenging students to develop more extensive skills and expertise. AIU offers industry-focused degree specializations that allow you to take more courses in your field of interest than at other schools so you can develop the specific knowledge you need to move your career forward. Scroll down to view AIU’s degree specializations.

  • Audio Production and Sound Design

    The Audio Recording and Sound Design specialization provides a foundation in audio and electronic music production, general media production, editing and computer animation and special effects production.

  • Film Production

    The Digital Film and Post Production specialization centers on helping students learn how to enter and move forward in the field of media production and adapt as technology and production methods evolve. Overall it can offer a solid foundation in the areas of audio and electronic music production, general media production, editing and computer animation production.