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Our Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in Fashion Marketing combines core courses in business fundamentals with in-depth study of the fashion industry that emphasizes retail fashion marketing, trends, media and technology. Plus, you can develop key business skills such as team leadership, accounting and finance.

You Can Learn How to:

  • Apply quantitative tools to analyze contemporary business functions and practices
  • Apply the concepts and principles of finance, economics and accounting to make effective decisions in the global business environment
  • Examine the implication of technology, media and the Internet on today’s businesses
  • Recognize and manage potential ethical and legal conflicts in today’s business environment
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the fashion industry, fashion marketing, its products, markets, consumers and marketing activities
  • Analyze and interpret trend and market information
  • Develop innovative marketing solutions based on sound analysis of market information and marketing theory
  • Leverage an understanding of media, technology and the Internet to enhance promotions and branding
  • Design a research project that includes defining the problem, developing an approach to it and formulating the research design
  • Analyze cases that focus on key marketing management tasks, such as marketing research, sales forecasting, product and brand management, distribution channels, pricing and promotion as well as advertising strategies

General Education

BUSN 125 Applied Business Mathematics


COMP 101 Introduction to Computers


COMP 102 Introduction to Computers Lab


ECON 220 Microeconomics


ECON 224 Macroeconomics


ENGL 106 English Composition I


ENGL 107 English Composition II


HUMA 205 Art Appreciation


HUMA 215 Topics in Cultural Studies


PRES 111 Presentation Essentials




SCIE 206 Biology


SCIE 207 Biology Lab


SCIE 210 Environmental Science


SCIE 211 Environmental Science Lab


General Education Electives (1)


Total Credit Hours: 58.5


General Electives

A combination of 8 electives dependent on Program

Total Credit Hours: 36

Students enrolled in the Fashion Marketing Specialization Option are required to take: FASH 212, Historical and Contextual Studies, in place of HUMA 205 Art Appreciation; and FASH 209, Fashion Cycle, in place of one General Elective.

Lower Division Core

ACCT 205 Principles of Accounting I


BUSN 105 Introduction to Business


BUSN 150 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business


MKTG 205 Principles of Marketing


Total Credit Hours: 18

Upper Division Core

ACCT 310 Managerial Accounting


BUSN 311 Quantitative Methods and Analysis


FINA 310 Financial Management


MGMT 310 Management and Leadership of Organizations


MGMT 315 Survey of Human Resource Management


MGMT 305 Management Information Systems


Total Credit Hours: 27


Fashion Marketing


FASH 301 Fashion Trends


FASH 306 Fashion Branding


FASH 308 Media & PR


FASH 310 Fashion Buying


FASH 312 CAD for Fashion Marketing


FASH 343 Textiles


FASH 409 Visual Merchandising


MKTG 305 Marketing Management


MGMT 499 Program Capstone


At AIU, more of the courses you take, on average, are devoted to your field of interest than at other similar schools. Your classes may include:

Fashion Trends

In Fashion Trends you will look at how they arise by considering macro business environmental drivers as well as social and cultural influences. You will consider trend identification, market assessment and competitive response strategies. This will be appropriate preparation for fashion product development, range planning and the exploitation of market opportunities.

Fashion Branding

In Fashion Branding you will explore contemporary fashion brands and examine the strategies they use to create a unique personality, generate appeal and generally develop a "desirability factor" for potential consumers. This course will build directly on your skills and knowledge by deepening the understanding of the complexity of brands and branding, from conception and development, through to the management and marketing of the end products. The course will cover the development of values and ethics required to develop successful brands, as well as the creation of identity, revitalization and extension strategies. You will also explore the implications of changing environments for fashion consumers and fashion brands, and employ creative thinking, innovative problem solving and applied skills and methodologies to investigate and develop appropriate solutions to brand strategies.

CAD for Fashion Marketing

CAD for Fashion Marketing re-enforces the application of creative software (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.), to advance student's skills with computer applications used to enhance fashion presentations including color rendering of drawings and drafting of flats. Students will design a collection, and all the appropriate accoutrements that sit alongside the collection. Students will then take this work and develop and present it in a professional manner using the CAD skills learned in this class.

Fashion Buying

Fashion Buying presents buying practices and techniques, with an examination of consumer buying power, major market resources, governmental regulations and merchandise analysis. Through a simulated experience, students will conduct research and plan a six-moth seasonal dollar merchandise plan. A final product book will include all stages of development of the seasonal merchandise plan including trend forecasting, vendor negotiation, and profitability analysis.

Media and PR

In Media and PR you will learn how fashion communications are planned, written, managed and delivered. Through directed activities you will experience situations replicating the "real-life" of working in the fast paced roles of fashion public relations and journalism. These assignments will develop your knowledge and understanding of the dynamics and interplay between the key fashion promotion sectors, highlighting the methodologies required for building successful working relationships within these roles. During this course, you will be expected to work with a degree of autonomy, structuring your own time management and applied research to a professional level and developing your professional and communication skills to a higher level. You will also be required to utilize a range of new and emerging technologies and applications to the media and communication assignments.

Textiles 2

This course is a basic study of fibers, yarns, fabric construction methods, coloring processes, and finishing techniques. Emphasis is placed on the practical application of this knowledge in judging performance and in the proper use and care of fabrics used in the apparel industry.

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