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Program Outline

Program Outline

The junior-high and high-school years are an amazing time of growth and change for students. A Master of Education Degree with a specialization in Secondary Education may help you refine your skills and give you the knowledge it takes to reach students in grades 7 through 12. An advanced degree may also position you to take on more leadership within your grade or subject specialization.

AIU’s Master of Education degree with a specialization in Secondary Education is among the few M.Ed. programs to integrate adaptive learning throughout the entire curriculum. With a Master of Education in Secondary Education, teachers study up-to-date methods of instruction and assessment to gain a deeper understanding of how to develop classroom strategies targeted to students in grades 7 through 12. This one-year M.Ed. program is designed to help teachers get the in-depth, specialized knowledge they want—compressing their studies into a shorter time-frame, but still providing the knowledge and credentials they're looking for.

We can help you learn how to:

  • Analyze research findings to respond to academic, physical, social and cultural differences in educating students and recommend method modifications based on research results
  • Design educational programs that effectively address objectives integrating the appropriate use of various instructional media and technologies for learning
  • Develop educational programs that use the appropriate criteria for selecting curricular content, organization of content and methods of curriculum evaluation
  • Create a plan for implementation of learning content in various educational settings
  • Evaluate the opportunities and challenges involved in the organizational development and delivery of learning programs using formative and summative instruments
  • Evaluate educational situations and problems in order to develop and substantiate solutions using leadership and management strategies
  • Demonstrate advanced discipline, appropriate communication skills in written and presentation formats

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American InterContinental University’s Master of Education degree is not designed to meet state educator licensing requirements; however, it may assist students in gaining licensure in their state of residence depending on those requirements. If you’re interested in teaching certification, please contact your state board of education for requirements.



Degree Requirements

Division Core
EDU601The Education Leader6
EDU603Legal, Regulatory, Educational Standards and Ethics6
EDU605Research Resources for the Classroom6
EDU625Educational Specialty Capstone6
Total Credit Hours:24

Specialization Options

Secondary Education
EDU671Development of the Secondary Student6
EDU676The Diverse Secondary Classroom6
EDU677Data Applications for Secondary Educators6
EDU679Managing the Secondary Learning Environment6

Total Credit Hours: 48

Classes Overview

Classes Overview

Designed for licensed teachers, AIU’s advanced degree in Secondary Education is designed to help educators enhance the classroom experience, as well as prepare to take on more leadership. With a Master of Education in Secondary Education, teachers can study up-to-date methods of instruction and assessment and gain a deeper understanding of how to develop classroom strategies that are better targeted to today’s secondary-age students.

At AIU, you can take more courses devoted to your field of interest, on average than at other similar schools For a Master of Education with a Secondary Education specialization, your classes can include:

The Development of the Secondary Student

The student will learn how to relate to secondary school students and facilitate their education as they grow and mature through the secondary school years.

The Diverse Secondary Classroom

The course guides students to effective application of learner diversity in creating and carrying out education in the secondary class.

Data Applications for Secondary Educators

In this course, students will learn how to identify and use appropriate data for planning and conducting effective secondary instruction.

Managing the Secondary Learning Environment

Students will learn methods for time, technology and resource management as they plan for the conduct and administration of secondary school classes.

The Education Leader

The student develops a concept of professional behavior and performance appropriate to teachers through an in-depth study of contemporary leadership issues and leadership theories.

Legal, Regulatory, Educational Standards and Ethics

The student recognizes and discriminates among events and issues in education that may call for different actions based on the educator's understanding of legal and regulatory guidelines.

Research Resources for the Classroom

This course will examine ways and means to augment learning and teaching resources in the classroom through effective use of both monetary and non-monetary resources.

Educational Specialty Capstone

The student will summarize studies in elementary or secondary education, and demonstrate competency in the specialization requirements.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

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Related Degrees

Related Degrees

Still not sure which specialization is right for you? You may want to consider these specializations:

Master of Education (M.Ed.) Degree: Specialization in Elementary Education

An advanced degree in elementary education can help teachers enhance the classroom experience and prepare for grade-level leadership roles. The M.Ed. degree specialization in Elementary Education offers in-depth instruction in elementary education topics geared toward K–8 students. Best of all, the program tuition is $15,000.

Master of Education (M.Ed.) Degree: Specialization in Adult Education and Training

Sharpen your skills as an adult educator. Study the design, implementation and evaluation of adult-education programs. Acquire instructional techniques that you could use in workplace training, professional development and continuing-education programs.

Master of Education (M.Ed.) Degree: Specialization in Curriculum and Instruction for Educators

Rethink the way you prepare and develop curriculum for your students. Study how curricula are chosen and designed, and how they can be enhanced to elevate learning and engagement in the classroom.

Master of Education (M.Ed.) Degree: Specialization in Instructional Design and Technology

Use emerging technology to enhance learning and teaching. With a specialization in Instructional Design and Technology you could discover the potential of collaborative learning environments and create your own online, multimedia course content.

Master of Education (M.Ed.) Degree: Specialization in Leadership of Educational Organizations

Develop the knowledge and skills you want to become a school administrator or educational leader. The specialization in Leadership of Educational Organizations may teach you the skills needed to lead and develop educational programs, products and services in schools and in the workplace.

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