Pacing Options

AIU is serious about providing an educational experience that fits into your busy life as well as help you succeed in getting the degree you need to move forward. With this in mind, AIU offers students three distinct pacing options, each of which allows students to take on an academic plan that best fits into their current lifestyle.

  • Full Time (13.5 credits per quarter) - This path allows students to obtain an Associate degree in as few as 18 months and a Bachelor's in as few as 36 months.
  • Accelerated (18 credits per quarter) - This pacing option is designed for students who feel comfortable taking on additional coursework in order to complete their degrees quickly by taking two courses every five weeks after their first term of study.
  • Decelerated (9 credits per quarter) - This option provides students an opportunity to take one course each term of study and is ideal for students who are struggling with their course load.

All students have the opportunity to switch between paths during their program. As situations come up you can work with Student Advising to determine the best option for your needs.