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    AIU offers flexible degrees that fit your life, with online classes that let you learn how, when, and where you prefer.

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Fit online learning into your life virtually any way you want.

Customized Course Content

Choose whether to read, listen or watch, depending on how you learn best.

Discussion Boards & Live Chats

Talk with your professors and other students whenever you need to.

Ongoing Technical Support

Get help whenever you need it, by phone, email or live chat.

What are online classes like?

Get Ahead with intellipath™

Make the most of your time with intellipath, AIU’s personalized learning platform.

Intellipath creates a customized learning map built around our specialized curriculum that lets you read, watch, or listen to course content based on how you learn best.

  • Skip what you already know
  • Focus on what you need to learn
  • Get support where you need it
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Learn How You Learn Best with M.U.S.E.

Our M.U.S.E. platform offers course materials tailored to your learning style. You can:

  • Watch videos
  • Read articles, textbooks, and other resources
  • View images, charts, and other visuals
  • Listen to lectures and interviews
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students using AIU's new Virtual Classroom describe their interactions with the platform as functional, productive, efficient, and effective.


of students taking a course with intellipath say it is a valuable learning resource.

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