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Human Resource Management

AIU® offers an industry-relevant BBA program with an in-depth specialization in Human Resource Management that's designed to give students a solid background in business fundamentals, along with real-world knowledge and skills relevant to the responsibilities of an HR professional in the workplace. Students can develop a strong foundation in business principles while allowing them to focus in on the knowledge and skills essential to the real-world environment of human resources. Industry-focused courses on topics from human asset management to conflict resolution will ensure that the student who successfully completes the program will be equipped with an array of applicable human resource management skills.

Focus on Your Specific Area of Interest

By studying key topics in Human Resources to complete the upper division's core specialization requirements, you have an opportunity to focus your interests on the acquisition of industry-relevant knowledge and skills common to many of today's human resources professionals.

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    November 9th, 2015

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    Successful completion of the BBA with a specialization in Human Resource Management provides students with an applicable foundation of industry-related knowledge and skills, including how to:

    • Apply team building and leadership skills.
    • Recognize and manage potential ethical and legal conflicts.
    • Develop a personnel selection process for a specific position.
    • Establish performance standards for a job and select methods of performance appraisal.
    • Evaluate the relative worth of a set of jobs and determine a compensation structure.
    • Determine appropriate disciplinary action for a given situation.
    • Develop change strategies for collaborative group relations.

  • In this specialized curriculum, students can immerse themselves in the study of the recruitment process, employee selection and human resources record keeping in organizations. Students can also learn techniques corporations use to retain and develop talent within their workforces and drive organizational effectiveness.

    This real-world specialization offers the opportunity for in-depth study, with more than half of your courses in your area of interest. It can help you develop a focused, industry-relevant knowledge base common to today's human resources professionals. For example:

    • In Personnel and Organization Policy, students examine the personnel policies that must be in place in order to select and implement human resources programs within and organization. This course covers basic aspects of policy writing for employee selection, performance management, disciplinary process, employee motivation and career management.
    • In Employee Recruitment and Selection, students examine the essential functions of recruitment and selection including ethics, legal requirements, job analysis, job descriptions and selection tools. It also presents how the effective management of people and jobs depends on accurate, reliable, comprehensive and current personnel information.
    • In Training and Development, course content focuses on various training and human resource development techniques utilized by corporations to improve employee and organizational effectiveness, including needs assessment and analysis, training design and implementation, evaluation techniques and management succession planning. 

    Click here to download the AIU catalog for more information and a full list of courses for this degree.

  • AIU's Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in Human Resource Management is designed to help students develop a strong foundation in business fundamentals and a familiarity with the skills and knowledge necessary to a career in human resource management.

    Students will develop team building and leadership skills and be able to recognize and manage potential ethical and legal conflicts. They will be able to develop a personnel selection process for a specific position, establish performance standards for a job and select methods of performance appraisal. Students will become accustomed to valuating the relative worth of a set of jobs and determining a compensation structure. They will be equipped with the skills to develop change strategies for collaborative group relations and to determine appropriate disciplinary action for a given situation. Students will become familiar with topics related to human resources, including employment law, the employment process, compensation and benefits, training and development, employee motivation, employee safety and labor relations.

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