Master's Degree Programs in Accounting (M.Acc.) (MAcc)

Students in a masters in accounting degree program can build on the learnings from a baccalaureate degree in accounting and acquire advanced specialization in the accounting field while preparing for senior-level opportunities. Students in an online accounting masters degree program should be immersed in accounting techniques, knowledge, and skills for managers, accounting information systems, leadership and ethics for managers and public accounting.


    Today’s business careers are becoming increasingly specialized, challenging students to develop more extensive skills and expertise. AIU offers industry-focused degree specializations that allow you to take more courses in your field of interest than at other schools so you can develop the specific knowledge you need to move your career forward. Scroll down to view AIU’s degree specializations.

  • Master of Accounting (M.Acc.)

    Students in the Master of Accounting (MAcc) degree program receive a grounding in both the fundamentals and the more advanced aspects of being a successful and effective professional accountant.