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Master of Accounting (M.Acc.)

The AIU Master of Accounting (MAcc) degree program is a 60-quarter credit program that can help holders of a baccalaureate degree in accounting to acquire advanced specialization in the field and to prepare for senior-level opportunities. The program culminates in two courses that may prepare students for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) licensure examination.** Students are immersed in accounting for managers, accounting information systems, leadership and ethics for managers and public accounting.

Focus on Your Specific Area of Interest

By studying advanced topics in accounting, AIU gives you an opportunity to gain an in-depth view of the accounting system and exposure to the subfields of advanced economics, cost accounting, public and not for profit accounting, business law and audit.

**Although the master’s degree program is designed to help students prepare for the AICPA licensure exam, it does not guarantee that students will be eligible to take or pass the exam and/or become licensed as a CPA in their respective states. In most states, a person must complete 150 semester hours of college coursework, apply to the State Board of Accountancy, pass the AICPA licensure exam, and meet certain residency, experience and/or other requirements established by the State in order to be licensed as a CPA. Since the requirements for state licensure are established by each individual state, AIU cannot guarantee that graduates will be eligible for licensure in their respective state, at all or at any specific time, regardless of their eligibility status upon enrollment. Anyone who is interested in becoming a CPA should carefully research the accounting requirements of any States in which they hope to become licensed before they begin their education.

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Learning & Outcomes
Career Path
  • The Master of Accounting (MAcc) program offers a more in-depth approach to the practice of accounting, focusing especially on helping students currently participating in the field to grow or for students looking for management and administrative positions in the industry. Students in this program can expect to learn to:

    • Develop organizational and operational plans to solve problems and improve the business environment and performance.li>
    • Analyze various leader, follow, cultural and situational characteristics that contribute to leadership, and adapt to the needs of situations, employees and co-workers.
    • Apply qualitative and quantitative analysis to evaluate the quality of decision-making and research to solve problems. 
    • Use knowledge of economic concepts, principles and theory to critically analyze and evaluate economic problems and opportunities. 
    • Engage knowledge of economic concepts, principles and theory to critically analyze and evaluate economic problems and opportunities. 
    • Evaluate the opportunities provided by technology for businesses. 
    • Recognize, evaluate and manage potential ethical and legal conflicts.
    • Communicate effectively in business situations

    Relevant Institutional/Programmatic Accreditation

    American InterContinental University® is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. To contact the Higher Learning Commission please visit www.hlcommission.org.

    The Master of Accounting degree program is not accredited by ACBSP.

  • In this advanced curriculum, students can have an opportunity to learn another perspective concerning economics and financial management and the ability to approach management strategically, including developing plans to improve business operations. For example:

    • In Corporate Finance, students can examine the financial decisions that impact management and corporate financial officers. The course compares and contrasts contemporary corporate finance theories and practices, including forecasting, capital budgeting, investment banking, cash flow, asset management and short-term and long-term financing.
    • In Financial Statement Analysis, students can learn how to prepare quarterly and annual filings in accordance with SEC requirements and how to demonstrate a working knowledge in handling unique accounting issues that affect the annual report such as foreign currency conversion, restatements, reporting of debt restructure and corporate insolvency.
    • In Public and Not-For-Profit Accounting, students may be introduced to the theory and application of authoritative guidance, rules and regulations that govern governmental and not-for-profit entities such as colleges, universities, hospitals and associations. The course can emphasize the similarities and differences between government, not-for-profit and commercial accounting methods and procedures.

    Click here to download the AIU catalog for more information and a full list of courses for this degree.

  • Students who graduate from the Master of Accounting (MAcc) degree program will receive a grounding in both the fundamentals and the more advanced aspects of being a successful and effective professional accountant.

    As indicated by the advanced degree, this program will move beyond the basics to introduce students to the more specialized skills and areas of knowledge necessary not only to compete, but also to take on leadership and managerial roles in accounting firms and companies. Students will receive ample opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts discussed by participating in industry-based projects and assignments.

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