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AIU® offers an industry-relevant MBA program with an in-depth specialization in Finance designed for students interested in developing a global perspective on economics and financial management. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a Specialization in Finance degree is designed to help students gain an understanding of areas such as analyzing financial statements and methods used to value companies. Students are immersed in studies of economics for the global manager, theory of corporate finance, and financial statement analysis. A special emphasis in the study of derivatives offers a comprehensive look at their role in risk management. Students can become familiar with the most common types of derivatives from basics to futures and forwards, zero rates, basic, intermediate and advanced options.

Focus on Your Specific Area of Interest

By studying advanced topics in Finance to complete the specialization requirements, you have an opportunity to learn a comprehensive core of business knowledge in addition to specialized knowledge and skills common to finance professionals.

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  • Successful completion of the MBA with a specialization in Finance can provide students with an advanced level of industry-related knowledge and skills, including how to:

    acbsp accredited school
    ACBSP accreditation certifies that the teaching and learning processes within AIU’s business administration degrees meet the rigorous educational standards established by ACBSP. Learn more.
    • Learn how to analyze financial statements and methods used to value companies.
    • Gain an understanding of derivatives and their use in risk management.
    • Adapt and innovate to solve problems.
    • Analyze various leader, follower, cultural and situational characteristics that contribute to leadership, and adapt to the needs of situations, employees and co-workers.
    • Apply quantitative reasoning and analysis to business and management problems using knowledge of mathematics, statistics, finance and economics.
    • Develop plans to improve business operations.
    • Apply principles of quantitative and qualitative research to business cases and evaluate the quality of research presented based on these principles.
    • Use knowledge of economic concepts, principles and theory to critically analyze and evaluate economic problems and opportunities.
    • Use critical thinking skills, including deriving the issue, understanding argument reasoning and developing conclusions.
    • Approach management strategically, including developing plans to improve business operations.
    • Discuss the opportunities provided by technology for businesses.
    • Recognize and manage potential ethical and legal conflicts.
    • Communicate effectively in business situations.

    Relevant Institutional/Programmatic Accreditation

    American InterContinental University® is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. To contact the Higher Learning Commission please visit www.hlcommission.org.
    The business administration degree programs at AIU are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

  • In this specialized curriculum, you can develop an extensive perspective of business research and decision-making, and a managerial approach to marketing, strategic management and global financial management. This real-world specialization offers the opportunity for in-depth study, with half of your courses in your field of interest. It can help you develop an advanced, industry-specific knowledge base common to professionals in the field of finance. For example:

    • In Economics for the Global Manager, students have the opportunity to apply the theory and tools of micro- and macroeconomics and research to the formation of business decisions in the global environment.
    • In Financial Statement Analysis, students can learn how to analyze financial statements and methods used to value companies.
    • In Derivatives, students can become familiar with the most common types of derivatives from basics to futures and forwards, zero rates, basic, intermediate and advance options. The pricing of options could also be emphasized and can include researching and implementing trading strategies and analysis of the Black and Scholes Options.
    • In Theory of Corporate Finance, students can explore the interactive relationship between financial policy and business strategy. Topics include the role of capital markets, government, product and factor markets.


    Click here to download the AIU catalog for more information and a full list of courses for this degree.

  • Students who complete coursework in the Finance specialization program will have gained the skills and knowledge necessary not only to be productive as a finance professional, but also to use their experience to advance and gain higher positions in finance firms and companies.

    Students will review the critical knowledge and skills necessary for professionals in this industry, including principles of corporate finance, regulations and professional codes governing finance and the current industry best practices. They will also apply this knowledge to industry-based simulations designed to both prepare students for the realities of a career in this field, as well as allow them opportunity to identify personal strengths and areas of improvement.

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