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Dr. Jeannette K. Jones, University Program Dean for the School of Education

Dr. Jeannette Jones, University Dean of the School of Education and full professor, has been with AIU since July 2003.

Her research and publication interests include design and implementation of online education; adaptive learning; knowledge management strategies and technologies; online learning theory, practice and design; faculty leadership; coaching for success methodologies; competency based education; and embracing art to enhance academic success.

I believe that adult learners prefer application, real-world connection, social context, acknowledgement of unique learning styles, and participation in their curriculum creation, Dr. Jones says. Therefore, I believe that quality curriculum occurs through intentional design, focusing on an outcome-based foundation regardless of the platform, tools and resources used to facilitate the learning. I believe that learners process cognitive information through experience, world knowledge, sharing, expectations, asking questions, and peer processing. Professors must be participants in a learning relationship that requires them to know when to be the facilitator, be the expert, be the mentor and/or be the partner and adapt their approach accordingly.

In addition to her academic credentials, Dr. Jones is a Registered Corporate Coach, mixed-media artist, and certified in color-pencil and alcohol marker techniques. Her professional organization and community engagement include the Kentucky and American Association of Art Therapists organizations; Academic Art Partnership; American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education; Epsilon Pi Tau technology honors; Alpha Sigma Lambda; Business Babes; the International Society for Mind, Brain, and Education; Berea Women’s Club; Berea Arts Council; Berea Festival of Learnshops, Berea College Art Partners Initiative, and Our Redeemer Lutheran Church. She serves on the Board of Directors for Star Charities, Inc. and volunteers as a guest lecturer on the topics of art as a coping strategy; breast cancer survivor tips; youth impacted by familial cancer; and impact of art in academics in Appalachia.

In 2010, she founded Stamp to Cope, Inc. which provides art supplies and workshops to breast cancer survivors which aligns with her research supporting the impact of art as a coping therapy.

AIU Faculty: Jeannette Jones

Classes Start October 25, 2023